Cowboy Bebop
Type: TV Series (26 episodes)
Genre: Action/Drama
Version: Region 1 DVD
Reviewed: 2/11/03


The year is 2071. Much has changed since our time. Earth is no longer the only place where humans dwell and the popularity of the car has been surpassed by that of small spacecraft. But despite these and other major changes, humanity has remained as cutthroat and confused as ever. Enter the Bounty Hunters. The occupation of professional bounty hunting has become as common as prostitution (and often looked upon with similar respect). And that’s just how you’ll meet our main characters…

Spike is a drifter teamed up with a retired cop named Jet. They cruise the galaxy on their ship, The Bebop, searching for criminals worth big bounties. Using tips gained from both personal sources, as well as a Space-TV program strictly dedicated to providing bounty hunters with current info, the Bebop crew tracks crook after crook into fast-paced action scenes that are best described as “sweet.” Other characters, namely Faye and Edward are soon introduced to the core cast and also come as welcome additions. The group is varied and makes for a great show.

Screen Shot
Good action

The series wastes absolutely no time at all getting to the point. The very first episode, “Asteroid Blues,” introduces you to Spike, Jet, a touch of Bebop’s history, and one of the many bounty heads in no time at all, and still leaves room to fit in exciting fight scenes and an incredible ending–what an accomplishment!

But Cowboy Bebop doesn’t slow down after that. Sometimes a series will start out on a high note, but later episodes end up leaving little or no impact on the viewer. Rest assured, C.B. does not set you up for disappointment such as that. This is one anime series that will keep you wanting more right up till the very end. And, without spoiling anything…what an incredible ending it is.

Screen Shot
Emotions run high, too

Both voice casts are of good quality. If you’re watching in Japanese and using subs, you’ll be treated to well-translated ones; if you’re using the English voices, even better, because this series has some of the best English voice acting I’ve seen. Plus, with music by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts, there’s pretty much nothing that will offend your ears during Cowboy Bebop.

With nice animation, heart-stopping action, perfect directional juxtaposition, smooth translation, an intriguing plot, and a concept all its own, Cowboy Bebop is sure to please hardcore anime fans and newbies alike. You don’t just win the “Best New Anime of the Year (1998) Award” in Japan by being crappy.

-Heath Hindman