Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
Type: OVA
Genre: Sci-fi
Version: Import
Reviewed: 10/9/05


Within the incredibly expensive, yet totally worth it collection that is “Advent Pieces,” FFVII fans will find much more than just that CG movie that highlights the bundle. Among the treasures is an animated segment called Last Order.

The strongest point of Last Order is the story it tells. It brings FFVII vets deep into Cloud’s flashbacks that occur in the game — you know, that “5 years ago in Nibelheim” stuff. It doesn’t resolve 100% of the Cloud plot that people argue/speculate about, but instead, it adds an almost palpable amount of depth and characterization to Zack’s story. This is great because in the game itself, players only learn vague details about Zack’s past, and only get one short scene of him in action. (Aside, that scene is optional an somewhat easy to miss.) This 20-minute OAV gave me, for one, a lot more reason to respect Zack.

A few plot details are changed, but the changes are only fine specifics, like for a small-spoiler example, the way the fight between Cloud and Sephiroth went at Mt. Nibel. The exchange of blows is tweaked, but “what happens” stays essentially the same. Instead of modifying the game’s story much, FFVII: Last Order goes more the way of adding more layers to it.

Screen Shot
The guy on the right isn’t the hero in this one. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

FFVII: Last Order is well animated. Both the action sequences and still shots look smooth while maintaining the dark style one would normally associate with the part of FFVII’s story that is being shown. People love seeing their heroes in new ways, right? The art in Last Order is just that, a new look at the characters we know and love. The art is good and none of the characters look bad at all. It all fits with the anime style.

As for sound, this reviewer heard nothing out of place. The sound effects, voices, and music all blended just fine and met expectations.

Those who have imported FFVII: Advent Children are familiar with the Matrix-like fighting that takes place. Last Order uses the same kind of physics, but only briefly. Most of the fighting is done in a typical action anime manner where gravity is actually honored, with little or none of that Crouching Tiger stuff. That kind of fighting does happen in the OAV, but it doesn’t show up as frequently as the old fashioned style. Overall, the fights are good to watch.

Final Fantasy VII: Last Order is a very interesting piece of work. The story it provides, among other things, make it worth watching, but it’s not something this reviewer finds himself eager to watch again and again. It’s most definitely a great bonus for the Advent Pieces collection and an enjoyable viewing for any FFVII junkie.

-Heath Hindman