We Play Earthbound and Xenogears for the First Time

By Heath | April 8, 2012 at 1:23 am

We’ve made April a month to try our first ever “RPG Land Plays” event…thing. You see, Janelle and I are gamers who ended up marrying each other, and while we have a (mostly) shared affinity of genres and titles, we’ve each played several games the other has not. Some of these are true gaming treasures that come up in conversations with surprising frequency in the Hindman household. One of us is always holding out on discussion about spoiler-ish matters that we’re dying to bring up, or think would add to the discussion. It’s a serious marital problem, yo! This month, we’re doing something about it; we’ve each chosen an RPG that we have completed, but the other has not. Our counterpart must play this game to completion, hopefully within the month. For Janelle, I have determined it’s time for her to experience Xenogears. She meanwhile picked Earthbound for me.
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