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Win Jeanne d'Arc from RPG Land

Summer's coming to an end. Bummer, eh? Well it doewsn't have to be, because you can end your summer by winning one of the best tactical RPGs to come around in a while. Level 5 and SCEA recently released Jeanne d'Arc in North America, and RPG Land's gonna give three lucky readers a free copy.

The Contest: In an email to, entrants will tell us something from each of the following:

  • A) What famous RPG weapon you would give Joan of Arc if you could go back in time and try to prevent her capture and execution.
  • B) What PSP game would be the first you'd show Joan of Arc (except Jeanne d'Arc) if she were invited over for a party.
  • C) Where you would take Joan of Arc on a first date, and what you'd do, in any social era between 1950 and 1989.
  • D) What the world would really be like if England really did have powerful demons at its disposal, as is the case in Jeanne d'Arc?
  • You may answer as many as you like, but must answer at least one. The contest begins immediately and runs until 11:59pm Central Time, Thursday, September 13, 2007. If your entry is received after this time, you will be punched.

    The staff will read the entries, decide the winners, and post the winning entries on RPG Land. Be creative, be funny, be original.
    -There is no length minimum or maximum.
    -It doesn't have to be hilarious to win. So if you're not funny, you can still win this. Joan of Arc writes for presently, so she'll tell us if something is good.
    -Joan of Arc, however, did not review Jeanne d'Arc. That would be biased.

    Prizes: We will select 3 winners, and each will receive a copy of Jeanne d'Arc for PSP.

    Rules and stuff you should read before entering:
    -You will be contacted via email by RPG Land if you are selected as a winner. You MUST send a confirmation email back, containing your mailing address. We can't very well mail you the game without your address.
    -If you should not return the confirmation email within seven days, your prize will be awarded to someone else, and you will be punched.
    -RPG Land will not give out your information to any third parties of any kind. We keep it real.
    -"Jeanne d'Arc" is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America and Level 5.

    Also read our interview with Level 5 about this game, and our Jeanne d'Arc review.