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I have branched out

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:02 am    Post subject: I have branched out Reply with quote

For the last year, well, really, a little under, I opted to, instead of working my hands at things like drawing and 3d work, work my hands at music. It was a fun and long process. When I started, I couldn't play guitar beyond power chords and simple, simple riffs. I couldn't even sing while playing guitar, because it took all of my focus to play those power chords and simple riffs. With over an hour of practice every day -- most days, two or so -- I have turned that around. In the last six months I have written an hour and a half of music, all of it in that hazy "indie folk" genre with touches of indiepop and post-rock to it. That came to some sort of head last night when I finished recording a twenty minute demo of six of my seventeen songs, and this morning when I released it to the intarwebs. Without further ado, I present:


This is for people who appreciate Sophocles and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ennio Morricone. There isn't a single square wave in all of this, no synth, no overdubbing, nothing. It is mad lo-fi, man and his guitar shit. In short, LiQuid! will probably not appreciate it. Anyhow, give it a listen! I put a lot of work into it, and like to think it's worth something. If you like it, tell me what I did right; if you don't, tell me what I did wrong! That's all I ask. That, and that you give it a listen.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Last one in - Ok, liked the guitar, couldn't understand anything you said.

Trenches - Meh, I found the lyrics didn't work for me at all.

The Ballad of Parthenope - Ok I get its a story, but its less like a song that you just telling a story. If that's what you where going for then ok you succeeded, but not something i could see myself listening to often since there's not much change throughout, musically, and all the words just keep running together without much pause. It got better that last 3rd though, when you changed it up a bit.

Dear Ennio - wasn't bad, I could easily sit here and listen to it, I like the kinda latin classical guitar feel.

Pretty up the Girl - First off not cool you're using the name of my future daughter. That said, I don't know man, it seems like the common theme emerging is you try to fit, in my opinion, to many words into your songs and then there's no pauses or that much changing as you're trying to get all the words out.

Consumption - not bad, but I honestly hadn't realized the previous song ended and the new one began.

So lets see:
Music/Guitar: B
Vocals: C
Lyrics: B-
Overall: C+

All things considered though, not bad for a first or early attempt.
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