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Preview - Generation of Chaos
Previewed on 1/18/06

30 x 30 battles!

boxartPublished by NIS America and Developed by Idea factory, Generation of Chaos is promising to make quite the impact on the SRPG market for the PSP. Generation of Chaos is based on the PS2 version of Generation of Chaos IV (that was released in Japan), but with a new storyline. This series has never seen the light of day on North American shores, but thanks to NIS America and Idea factory this dream is now a reality.

The story of Generation of Chaos is very illusive unless you own the PS2 Japanese version. Then you would have some idea of its story, but from what we know so far, one of the main characters by the name of Allen of Zodia is on a mission to try and end all wars and bring peace to the land of Duke.

Generation of Chaos features three different modes: story mode, strategy mode, then battle mode.

Story Mode.


This part of the game is basically the storyline section. When in story mode, players learn a great deal about the characters and how they relate to one another, but it is also used as an important briefing for situations that arise. This means that based on what happens during dialogue, you may need to organize your battle strategy in order to win.

Strategy Mode.

In this mode you will need to build your kingdom and strengthen it. Players start off with a small territory and as the game progresses, you need to gain control over neighboring cities and expand the kingdom. This type of strategy is best described as games such as Warcraft III and the like. Travel in this game is done through grids that stretch all across the land of Duke. So in essence you can think of it as one huge battle board game. Issuing commands and defending one's locals is a must. If the player's headquarters get taken over he/she automatically loses.

Battle Mode.

dragonsmallTo take over lands one needs to fight. Here's where battle mode takes place. Once you encounter an enemy on the field map a battle begins. This game has up to a whopping 30 vs 30 battle scenario. Now if there would be tremendous lag on the PSP, remains to be seen. The main character, which is your squad leader or captain gives out orders to the troops to perform attacks. If your squad leader gets hit, the gauge then begins to fill. Once this is full, he/she is able to perform a super-move. Super-moves are flashy attacks that do massive damage to surrounding enemies.

Look for this bad boy to hit American stores on February 21, 2006.



Official Generation of Chaos Trailer


-Q Jets