Dark Cloud
PlayStation 2
Reviewed: 06/07/2003


Dark Cloud is all about a boy named Toan who is on a quest to build back his town and other towns from the destruction of an evil genie. This genie is responsible for blasting apart the towns but luckily the Fairy King teleported pieces of the towns into atla, which are orbs that holds the pieces to the towns, which then got scattered around dungeons. Along the way Toan receives help from friends as they all work to get with their own unique skills to build back what’s rightfully theirs.

The best way to describe Dark Cloud is Zelda with dungeon running. Dark Cloud’s gameplay has the same run and attack the monster elements like Zelda, including targeting your bad guys for close range attacks. But don’t think it’s your typical dungeon runner, because Dark Cloud has more to offer than that. First off there’s more than one location that you travel to instead of the one dungeon that just goes deeper and deeper. Another bonus element added is the fact that you have the ability to create towns and fix them in anyway you want which is a lot of fun doing. (Trust me it’s more fun than it sounds!!!) Dark Cloud is also different in that you can freely switch between other characters in the game that have different weapons like hammer’s, sling shots, and machine guns. Everyone’s weapons in the game also have the ability to level up and increase in power and abilities as well. You can add fire attributes or things like that to your weapon for increased power against enemies with those weaknesses.

Dark Cloud has beautiful graphics in the game. The locations come to life when you set all the houses and things at any spot you want. When your walking threw the towns you can see houses or tree’s you placed in the background as if it where never placed there. It’s truly amazing how well put together everything is. Houses lights turn on when it’s night time, smoke comes out of chimney’s, people walk around outside of there homes on different time schedules, fishes swim realistically in rivers and ponds; all these make Dark Cloud truly pleasing to the eyes.

Dark Cloud is a fun action/adventure RPG that takes the dungeon runner idea, and makes it into a new and interesting concept.

-Q Jets

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The Verdict: 7