Reviewed: 06/11/2003

Evolution’s plot is another Kid follows in his Father’s footesteps gig, however a few twists are tossed in to spice it up. You begin incredibly in debt… fun. This means you play the rest of the game doing catch-up, but have no problem living in the biggest house with a sharp-shooting butler. To get money to pay off your debts you don’t sell your house, but go around dungeons collecting ancient artifacts that are used as technology for their modern world. All of this is done with some strange silent girl, sent to you by your father, following you all around. Spooky, huh?

One of the largest and most defining features of Evolution is its ability to create dungeon maps, so each floor is completely different from the next, and if you go back it’s changed. This would seem pretty cool, and, well, it is, but the lack of new textures and environment makes for very monotonous experience. You get a new layout but still same old same old for over 20 floors each dungeon. To avoid this the dungeons have been given their own kind of templates, so now the walls are green? Don’t let this scare you off of the game, the dungeons provide a good amount of battles and item collection, and the game allows for a full 360 degree rotation of your charecter. This is very helpful for looking around corners in the many, many dungeons.

” Nothing better than a frying pan!”

“So, you’re trying to stear me away, yet don’t want to scare me off the game? Then whats good about it?” is what I’ll bet you’re thinking, and here’s the answer. The battles created are limitless and interesting. You battle the enemies in rows, each character has their own specific skills, and the skill system is pretty nifty. The robotic weapons (such as the Max’s arm) are pretty cool since attack skills can be attached to it and it can be upgraded to give more slots for attack skills. However, three’s a crowd in this RPG, and two of the members are permanent. This means you get to choose for one partner to assist you in the dungeons, I always like bulks of guys…

What else is there to say about this game?

-Valiant Warrior

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Replay Value Average
The Verdict: 6