Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Reviewed: 03/24/2008

>While it received a really bad rap overall, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles also managed to upstart a new subseries to Square Enix’s megafranchise, so perhaps it did do something right. Namely, it was fun to play in a group. So welcome to a short review.

>The game’s single-player mode wasn’t the life of it, which really threw off a lot of Final Fantasy diehards. Where the fun would be found here would be the multiplayer, in which Game Boy Advance units became controllers, hooked up via separately sold cables. It was gimmicky to set up, but good fun for those that went to the trouble. Complaints about “bucket duty” and the observation that Game Boy Advances don’t quite make the best controllers will live a long life, but Crystal Chronicles still provided fun times for groups. The pros and cons balance each other out.

-Heath Hindman

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Gameplay Good
Story Below Average
Graphics Very Good
Sound/Music Good
Replay Value Good
The Verdict: 5