Legaia 2: Duel Saga
PlayStation 2
Reviewed: 06/07/2003

Legaia 2

Legend of Legaia 2 has a very interesting but typical story. It starts off with a young hero named Lang, who is on a quest to return a scared water crystal that was stolen from the village by a madman named Avalon. This madman then does something really nasty and changes their world into an evil, dark place. So Lang sets out on a quest to protect his village by getting back their water supply and rid the world of this evil dark mist that changes people and animals into evil monsters. On his journeys he soon bumps into other cast members like a martial arts master, a girl with no voice and a pirate lady with an attitude. As they journey, you soon learn that they are mystics a secret race that carry special tattoo’s called origins that hold special spiritual beings inside them that guide and protect them.

Screen Shot
“The innovative arts are back!”

Legend of Legaia 2, (just like the first one for playstation) has the most innovative battle system to ever grace a playstation 2 console. The interface is like none other. Every character can strike with both of their hands and both of their feet. How is this accomplished you say? The battle interface has four selectable areas that give you the freedom to choose which body part to hit a monster with. This gives the player the ability to make up a huge amount of combo’s that, (when pressing the right button combinations) lead to special moves and attacks. This system is so cool cause at later parts of the game you learn how to possess the abilities to do double team attacks that implement lots of damage!!!
But THAT’S NOT ALL!! Later you’ll discover that you get the ability to summon your origin monster inside you to help you out and they have their own unique set of special magic! Simply Cool!

The controls are simple and easy to navigate threw when you keep at it for a couple of minutes. The only difficulty you might have at first is learning how to punch or kick at the right times because if a monster is in the air, kicking him is not going to touch him and so on. Also when playing this game you have to make sure you’re well leveled up, cause at some locations the battles are sooo tremendously hard you’ll feel like your fighting an ending guy every turn…NO JOKE!!

Sceen Shot
“That’s one big dragon!”

Legend of Legaia 2 has beautiful graphics that only show threw out the battle scenes. The towns you explore and the world map have a very basic style to it. Not much detail at all. Most people that view these scenes at first may think the game sucks, because the characters walking around may seem dull and the world map and cities look like old Playstation one graphics. The only thing they truly concentrated on was making the battle graphics and cut-scenes the most beautiful and they scored in that department. There is a lot of detail in the battle screens right down to them even showing “visually” that they are holding different weapons. In the cut-scenes there is full voice acting at parts in the game that matter. The music in Legaia 2 isn’t something you’ll end up remembering like Final Fantasy‘s but it’s farley decent.

Legaia 2: Duel Saga is a good RPG to try when you want a flava of something new! It still retains most of the traditional RPG elements but the new battle system is something every RPG player should try! Oh and if you haven’t tried the first one for Playstation one, no worries it makes no differences at all, but fans of the first Legaia have to play this game cause it improves on the first game in soo many levels.

-Q Jets

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