Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
PlayStation 2
Reviewed: 12/03/2005


Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga packed an ending that left players immediately wanting to know more. Digital Devil Saga 2 picks the ball up and runs with it, delivering one of the most wholly satisfying RPG experiences on the PS2.

As is generally expected of a direct sequel, the core gameplay elements have remained the same here. In fact, at some moments, one might forget that one is indeed playing part 2 and not the original. Most of the changes are interface-related, such as a touched-up menu look, characters occasionally finding small items after leveling up, and a simple “heal” command on the main menu. Players of the first game will feel right at home.

The great characters are still there, and still engaged in their quest. Nirvana, the promised land that was so desperately sought in the first game, didn’t exactly live up to the hype. This has the cast fairly pissed, and a new set of problems presents itself. The story is, once again, very good and told with great looking scenes. When Atlus called this game, a “thrilling conclusion,” they weren’t just creating false hype. Believe it. It really runs with the story laid down by the first title.

Screen Shot
The cinemas still own your soul.

As expected, the game’s presentation is some of the best in recent memory. DDS2 opens up with a movie sequence that is even better than the first game’s opening. The story segments are dark and cool, preserving the style the Shin Megami Tensei series is known for. This reviewer only wishes there were a few more of such sequences, and perhaps that existing ones be a bit longer. They’re so good to see, one might not want them to stop as soon as they do.

Just like the last game again, the graphics and sound are stellar. The art style is totally SMT in the most perfect way, and the music adds fine atmosphere to any given situation.

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I do this when I’m pissed off at dumb customers.

This is definitely not a game for the kids, not just due to the graphic themes, but also the difficulty. The complexity and strength of the enemies from the first game remain intact, much to the delight of those who made it all the way through. No one will be complaining about this game being “too easy.”

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, as well as its prequel, are a one-two punch of RPGs that simply must be played by RPG fans who are craving something just a little…darker than other games. Go ahead…indulge your dark side, and feel good doing it.

-Heath Hindman

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