Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Second Opinion)
PlayStation 2
Reviewed: 06/09/2005


I’ll also take the time to add a second opinion on Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for PS2.

The Star Ocean universe
never looked much better in this PS2 installment in the star ocean
series. Our story begins with Fayt, our stubborn headed but determined
hero on vacation with his family and compassionate childhood friend
Sophia. After a little nudging from Sophia, Fayt and Sophia decide to
look around the hotel when a crisis hits this peaceful vacation resort
planet. An unknown military space force attacks the resort and this
ends up separating Fayt from Sophia and his parents.

Screen Shot
Another Epic Space battle!

As stated in the other review this game has a stellar battle system.
Everything is controlled in real-time giving you some significant
advantages and battle strategies when facing enemies. The controllers
consist of weak attacks that let you do massive damage combo attacks
and strong attacks that deliver one deviating blow that can even knock
an enemy off balance when they are guarding your attacks. But the real
meat and potatoes of this system is your special attacks and symbology.
To perform a special attack you need to hold down ether the strong
button or weak attack button and let it rip. Symbology is the game’s
magic that provides the player with healing capabilities or means of
inflicting magical damage. Taking proper control of the characters
during battle is also a major tactical maneuver in this game. If you
have a character that you want healing you can set their status to
manual and put them far away from the enemy and use them as support
every once in a while or you can select the computer activated A.I. and
allow the computer to back you up with ether support or force depending
on what you want your other characters to do.

Problem with this is that sometimes the computer
will not do what you want it to do or your character will just stand
there and not move. Planning out what you want to do ahead of time is
vital to winning battles, especially boss battles. Another minor grip
about the battle system is the difficulty level. If your character is
not leveled up to a suitable level you might as well forget about
continuing because every battle will be like fighting an ending guy.
Using the bonus gauge is vital, because if you need to boost your
characters level in order to continue, getting the trip exp bonuses on
weaker foes give you the necessary amount of points to level without
jumping to another zone and losing on every single battle trying to
level up your character to the proper level needed to continue on.
Bottom line…don’t cheap your way through by buying a ton of potions
and level up your characters a bit before continuing to harder areas.
There is a safe guard to that though. Each shop only has a certain
amount of potions before they run out, so buying out the whole shops
potions without rationing it out can seriously handicap you later on.

Screen Shot
The attention to detail is noteworthy.

Graphically Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
boasts nice looking atmosphere’s that have great detail. The hotel
resort outside looks awesome. The characters designs have a nice anime
look to them, and when I say anime I mean anime. They don’t look
realistic but good enough to merit a nice pass. As mention in the
previous review Till the End of Time has a nice soundtrack
that delivers the right mood for each atmosphere you explore. In terms
of the voice acting this is one area Quinton and I have different
opinion’s on. All the dialogue in this game is delivered with emotion,
but I found the acting to be a bit off. It’s ether they try too hard or
not hard enough, nothing in between. Not the best in terms of delivery
and speech. In some instances I found Fayt to almost sound like a
nagging whiny boy, but I guess that may be because of his stubborn
side. Some of the voice actors just didn’t seem convincing enough for
me, but I guess that may be a personal bias

Overall this game rocks. All it’s minor quirks
don’t do anything to stop it from delivering an entertaining experience
that span two DVD discs.

-Q Jets

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Graphics Great
Sound/Music Very Good
Replay Value Good
The Verdict: 7