Valhalla Knights 2

PlayStation Portable

Reviewed: 10/16/08

The first Valhalla Knights was enjoyable for those looking for a simple action-RPG romp where grinding was the focus. In large part, this sequel does the same thing. This will therefore be a pretty short review.

Where the re-use of the aforementioned gameplay formula doesn’t go so well is that by the end of Valhalla Knights, one isn’t really compelled to pick it up and give it another go. Since Valhalla Knights is so similar to the original in so many ways, it seems like it gets boring faster. The pattern of play is the same as it was before: get business done in town, head into the dungeon, grind until on the brink of death, go back to town, repeat until measurable progress is made. Again, it’s overall decent for those looking for dungeon crawler and nothing more, but in this case, it feels like it’s already been played.

There are some perks, however. The ability to have two subjobs in addition to unlocking of fearsome advanced jobs (late in the game) do indeed add a nice touch to the VK system. Again though, the problem is that all of this comes at the cost of wading through a grind that, for the most part, feels a tad stale.

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A good game for fans of the

One of the biggest problems in Valhalla Knights, the camera control, wasn’t even fixed in part 2, which also serves to hold the game back from its potential.

What it comes down to is this: those that liked Valhalla Knights stand a good chance of liking the second. Those that didn’t enjoy it have no reason to give it a second crack with Valhalla Knights 2.

-Heath Hindman

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