Wild Arms 3
PlayStation 2
Reviewed: 06/07/2003

Wild Arms 3

The Wild Arms 3 story surrounds a Wild West-like setting known as Filgaia. At this time in history, the world is covered in sand and only drifters dare to travel the lands and discover the treasures it holds. This is where four completely different drifters rise and their fates cross paths. They soon realize that they share the same thirst for discovering the secrets of Filgaia and why it is the way it is. As the game progresses they always manage to stay stuck with each other and then they become a team, battling the evil forces that threaten Filgaia’s very existence.

Even though WA3 has no in-game CG cut scenes, that doesn’t stop it from having beautiful graphics. This latest installment in the Wild Arms series graphics is made of pure cell-shading. Some people like this new style and some don’t. The cell-shading in this game is done really well and gives the RPG a unique look. The opening movie in Wild Arms is drawn anime style and just like its counter parts changes as the game progresses.

All the music in Wild Arms is set in a Wild West fashion, because that is what SCEA was trying to express. Nothing too exciting in this category, but then again all Wild Arms games don’t match other games when it relates to ground-breaking music.

WA3’s gameplay resembles that of more traditional RPG’s. It shadows games like the Final Fantasy series. The battle system resembles that of previous Wild Arms games, but now instead of two characters having “ARMs” as weapons, (specialized guns) they all carry ARMs. A lot of the other things gamers enjoyed about the last two Wild Arms make a return in this one like: the use of tools, mediums, dashing, and pull/pushing objects. There is also the return of brain busting puzzles this series is famous for.

The controls are simple and easy to navigate threw. The only difficulty you might have at first is learning how to equip skills on to mediums but that’s later in the game.

Wild Arms 3 is a must-buy for fans of the Wild Arms series. People new to RPG’s should also check this game out. With its good storyline and traditional elements Wild Arms 3 is a great game for those of you that need a case of some old school RPing.

-Q Jets

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