March 11th, 2007

Heath Hindman: My roommate just asked me if I wanted to go see 300 with him. I laughed and laughed and laughed and did not stop laughing until I needed my inhaler–which only made the scene more funny. Thus, I laughed after taking my puff.

Yeah I told him “No, thanks.”

“Tacticality” hooray for atlus and bringing a great tactical rpg to the ds!!!! heath are you exited???
trent stalwort
Heath Apparently not as much as you are, but yeah. I love tactic/strategy RPGs. I think there’s a lot of potential for them on the DS, especially since having two screens will take away the ever-common practice of looking up information on a character or its status, because that information can simply be displayed on the second screen. No buttons need be involved in finding most stuff. I like it!

“Two letters about one subject. Oh it has been a while!” RPGLand, Nice printing the news on Luminous Arc. It’s been a while since I’ve read the import reviews and I can’t be bothered to look it up again, but I think I remember the game being rated pretty well, but not like some kind of godsend. What’s your prediction? Best,
Heath Seems people are really reacting to that Atlus announcement. I should note though, your comment about “rated pretty well, but not like some kind of godsend” can apply to like, almost any decent game to ever come out. My prediction is this: no one can predict Mr. Domino. There are several games each year that get great import reviews, only to get reviewraped upon reaching Western shores. The reverse is just as common. I stopped trusting import reviews and doubting their credibility the moment I started writing them. You just can’t trust those importers.

“Xenolovin'” Dear Heath, It’s been over a year and we still don’t have the DS Xenosaga. =( Do you think we will ever get it? Takiikun
Heath Thinking back, I don’t know that you’ve ever sent in a letter that’s NOT about Xenosaga. Get a new favorite series.

“Understanding in a Car Crash” Heath, have you ever been in a car crash?
Heath Have I EVER!

Final Grumble

This column actually kinda crappy, but I’ve got a really good letter in the inbox that I’m saving for next time. So send stuff in and make the next column one for the bookmarks!

Topic ideas could be: Sony shafting PAL with PS3 stuff, this Luminous Arc announcement, me getting hit by cars, or whatever happens to be kickin’ around.

Heath Hindman was in fact hit by a car when riding his bike when he was about 13

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