Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy feature

So you want to know more about Ultima Online’s newest expansion, Mondain’s Legacy? Well in this 4 part feature I will be discussing the various additions that Mondain’s Legacy brings to players in Britannia.

Here, in part 1, I will go over the new feature of Aquariums that have been added to the game because it’s fun and a time consuming hobby!

To get started you will need to purchase a Aquarium to place in your house. You can buy one from any NPC fisherman located all around Britannia. Expect a bit of a hefty price however. Currently in Britain a new Aquarium will run you 1,000,008 gold but hey it’s well worth it. There is also another way to aquire a Aquarium through a rare chance from the Heartwood Questing System. Once you have your Aquarium in place you are ready to get started.

There are a few items you will need to care for your Aquarium and it’s inhabitants. Don’t worry though, they can all be purchased from a fisherman. Make sure to pick up a fish bowl, fish food, Aquarium fish net, several pitchers of water and a vacation wafer for those times that you can’t be there to take care of your fish.

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start catching some fish! To do this you will need your fish net and fish bowl. You will need 1 net and 1 fish bowl for every fish you catch so stock up. You can reuse the bowls if you empty your catch into your Aquarium. To start, double click the net in your pack and select a body of water next to you. You will either get 1 of 2 messages depending if you were successful or not: “A Life Aquarium Fish leaps into your pack.” or “The fish were to quick for you.”

Next it is time to add your catch to your Aquarium simply by dragging the fish from your fish bowl into your Aquarium. Clicking on your Aquarium will display the number of live creatures, the food state, the water state, food added/food needed and water added/water needed.

Make sure all your levels are good. Your Aquarium updates on a 48 hour cycle. There are 5 levels of food state; Overfed, Full, Hungry, Starving and Dead. You will want to keep it at Full. Your fish will die if you don’t care for them. There are also 5 levels of water state; Strong, Healthy, Unhealthy, Dying and Dead. Make sure to keep the water at a Healthy or Strong status. Your Aquarium will tell you what it is lacking so keep up with the care of your fishys

That’s basically the rundown of the Aquarium. There are a multitude of different fish/creatures you can care for in your Aquarium. Trust me, there are alot. If just caring for your fishes wasn’t reward enough, you can also get alot of different rewards for good upkeep. Make sure to check in on your Aquarium as often as possible to reap the benefits and have fun!

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