Total Death Count: Around 10
Finish Time
: 28:20

Final Fantasy V Journal

Here’s a chronicle of our trek through FFV.

  • Final Fantasy V started off immediately after Final Fantasy IV was utterly destroyed, Orie at the helm for approximately five minutes, just enough time to commence with the naming of the only nameable character in the game, Butz. Though we named him Guts, because Butz is just the most unfortunate name for a character in any Final Fantasy game in existence.
  • Wind Shrine! It was quite drafty, up until the crystal was BROKED all to pieces. Very unfortunate for those in need of wind to do things, like sail on ships. Fortunately, the resident team pirate captain, Faris, had a ship propelled by, of all things, a dragon. Also, Faris has the awesomest pirate accent EVAR.
  • Floating wreckage, a rather unobtrusive tower, and few nasty encounters with a Garkimasra Harpy, and some minor frustration with the offical Square translation of Final Fantasy V later, and it’s off to a boat! A steam boat, in fact. It’s a steam boat because it’s powered by the crystal of fire, see? And it heats up things. Anyways, it’s here we meet Cid, and stuff. He’s very helpful. Anyways, the crystal goes boom, and new jobs open up. The party at this point consists of Dragoon Lancer Guts, Red Mage Reina, Monk Galuf, and Ninja Faris. Whee, what fun!
  • It’s about this time that sleep takes me, and as Orie, for half the week, has to work, this leaves the game unplayed. Oh well. It went like this for pretty much the entire week as well, and progress was fairly slow. Also, Battle Royale is a very awesome movie. Anybody who’s a fan of very gorey Japanese movies should watch it.
  • Library! Yeah, there was one. It was dubbed Ancient as well. There were bad books. And ifrit. And most definitely NOT giant robots, as there may have been in certain games that distracted me slightly. Anyways, after the library, there was a desert, and some ancient high-technology ruins, and then an airship. Enabling us misfortunate land-dwellers to fly like birds! Or… People riding on ships that also fly. You can tell it was a giant boat because it could land on water and… Float. Like a ship.
  • After the airship, there was a giant floating ship, and then some more job classes, then… A whole new world! (Cue song from Disney’s Aladdin) Although being stranded on an island on said world was no walk in the park. Mainly because it was an island. Fortunately the party was kidnapped by some sort of flying monster called ‘Abductor’, which leaves little to the imagination as to its explicit purpose in existing. It’s gardening, of course. But that’s neither here nor there. Things progressed smoothly, dragons fetched, towers climbed, dragons defeated, and slight trouble with a certain Atomos had. But none too great for the likes of one such as I! Kinda.
  • There was a bit of a mess with a submarine, then a forest, but I managed. The forest had very mean things in it. But they were no match for the awesome might of Guts the berserker! BERSERKERRR! Actually, at this point he was still a Dragoon Lancer… But they were still no match for his awesome might! Afterwards, there was another tower. Towers! *shakes fist angrily*
  • After the tower, the third world was upon me, legendary weapons waiting to be unsealed, and N-Zones waiting to be invaded. Which they were, with nary a hitch. Although at this point things had moved from Quinton’s to Orie’s. And Orie still had yet to play for any significant amount of time. Poor him.
  • After some amount of time, the game was finally won, and progress began on Final Fantasy VI, my favorite game in the history of gaming. Orie started off though, as I had promptly passed out.Stay tuned for further details concerning a certain Final Fantasy VI, which is most certainly not Final Fantasy III, as some people have been said to believe.

    Final Fantasy V Pictures

  • It’s better than Butz, that’s for certain.
  • More crazy pirate talk.
  • Guts is a BERSERKER!
  • Why it’s Sagittarius.
  • We’re being threatened by a tree.
  • Whoa…that’s…different.
  • Quinton: “Oh my god! He’s trying to kiss Guts!”
  • And at long last…
  • After defeating FFV, Quinton takes a well-deserved rest and Orie takes a picture sneakily.