So I’ve been playing Wild ARMs 4 lately and decided to let you folks in on the details of the experience. I don’t mean just in a review like normal; I mean with a real travelogue of pure wankousity. And don’t worry about spoiling anything, because all spoilers will be clearly marked and given a level of 1-10 as to how much they spoil. For example, finding out that Heath’s uncle is a reverse vampire and the REAL main boss would be marked with a *Spoiler – 10* and so on.

In this journal, you can expect personal stories, brief descriptions of how the game works in general, and oh yeah, tons of exclusive screens and movies. Most of said media will be posted here, but some stuff is held on reserve and only posted in the forums. (Hey, we love our community. ^_^) I already put up a bunch of screenshots.

This thing will conclude with a review of the game and a super-secret Christmas present for you.

Let’s get this thing started.

UPDATE: Hey, I haven’t updated in a long time. This is because, the in last week, I really had to crunch and focus on the game in order to finish the review on time. I did take notes though, and plan to update my journal more after my Christmas vacation is over. Right now, I’ll enjoy my Pennsylvanian getaway and you enjoy my Wild ARMs 4 review. Thanks for reading, guys! Also, big thanks to John Weber for letting me use his capture equipment for these movies and screens.

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