Tim Wilson
Resident Elder/Founder
Age: 32
Job: Founder, Creator, tech/dev specialist
Favorite Band: Operation Ivy
Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): South Park, Mr Show, The Sopranos, The X-Files, Deadwood, Empire Strikes Back, Fight Club, The Machinist, Dark City, Blade Runner, American Psycho, etc, etc.
Favorite Video Game(s): Don’t even know anymore

Heath Hindman
Editor in Chief
Job: Edit stuff and make sure things on the site aren’t blowing up.
Secret History: Heath has been writing about games since before he had a website on which to do so. He hopes to continue this for a long, long time. What he doesn’t hope to continue is his pattern of getting pneumonia every November.
Favorite Game(s): Skies of Arcadia, Xenogears, Valkyria Chronicles, Lunar 2, Breath of Fire 3, Metal Gear series.
Favorite Song/Band(s): Lagwagon, Streetlight Manifesto, Explosions in the Sky, Nirvana.
Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): Once Upon a Time in High School, Windstruck, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Braveheart, Snatch.

Janelle Hindman
News Reporter and Reviewer
Job: Deliver news and media to readers of RPG Land, with some reviews tossed in.
Secret History: Janelle holds the coveted claim of being the staff’s token Canadian. As such, she’s on the receiving end of a lot of teasing about hockey, exchange rates, and allegedly having an accent. Conversely, she gets to DO a lot of teasing the rest of the staff about their comparatively outrageous medical bills.
Favorite Game(s): Mother series, Katamari series, Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy IV, Seiken Densetsu 3.
Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Memento, Lost in Translation.

Michael Wayland
Senior Editor/Webmaster
Job: Webmaster/Very bad and unreliable back-up editor.
FavoriteGame (s): Final Fantasy VI, The Elders Scroll: Morrowind, Chrono Trigger, Civilization series
Favorite Music: The Shins, The Kooks, The Freelance Whales
Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): Too many to list (I’ve seen more than 2000 movies).
Favorite Gaming Moment: I have many but my most notable is on Pokemon Blue where I collected all 150 Pokemon, leveled them all to level 100,(In every stage of their evolution) and sorted them by type in the boxes.
Favorite Saying:  “The life not examined is the life not worth living.”
Favorite RPG Land Moment: For me it would be a tie between interviewing Yoshitaka Amano and meeting most of the other staffers while traveling to the Heath and Janelle’s wedding.

Joseph Wartick
Job: Student
Secret History: Joseph has had appendicitis. Twice. The doctors didn’t take it out the first time. Because of this, whenever something is wrong with him, the doctors immediately remove the organ or appendage. If you possess any extra limbs or organs, please send donate them to the nearest hospital and mention his name.
Favorite Game(s): Xenogears, Seiken Densetsu 3, Shin Megami Tensei (series), Shadow Hearts Covenant, Starcraft, and Warcraft III.
Favorite Song/Band(s): In Flames, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, B.B. King
Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): Star Trek: TNG, Scrubs, and South Park for shows. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Godfather Part III, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail for movies.

Russ Ritchey
AKA: Datguy
Age: 30
Job:  Columnist
Favorite Game(s): Don’t Tip the Waiter
Favorite Music: NIN
Favorite Shows : Evangelion 5.0 – You Knew It Would (not) End Well
Favorite Gaming Moment: The one where *SPOILER* is revealed to be a *SPOILER*. Barring that, killing the first boss in Demon’s Souls and walking into what I thought was the castle proper – only to find out this was just a fort, and the real castle was a mile away on foot.
Favorite Saying: “That’s all I got. Happy Hunting.”
Favorite RPG Land Moment: Oh! That’s easy. It was this big to-do, and the forum exploded with bouts of homophobic rage.

Orie House
Editor’s Lackey
AKA: Owozifa
Age: 28
Job:  Contributor
Favorite Game(s): EarthBound, The Secret of Monkey Island
Favorite Music: Dream Theater, Alan Parsons Project
Favorite Shows : The Lion in Winter, The Human Condition
Favorite Gaming Moment: The 1000 Heartless battle & Final Boss of Kingdom Hearts 2, Buying Megaman Anniversary Collection
Favorite Saying: In my age, as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse. I realize that from the cradle up I have been like the rest of the race–never quite sane in the night.
Favorite RPG Land Moment: Heath’s wedding

Jacob Fernandez
Radio Admin
Job: Keep RPG Land Radio under control
Favorite Band(s): Rage against the Machine, DJ Shadow, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Coldplay, Radiohead
Favorite Video Game(s):all Zelda games, Final Fantasy IV,V,VII,X, Final Fantasy Tactics, Half-Life 2, Metroid series
Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): Star Wars saga, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Meet the Parents, Mallrats, Spaceballs.

Quinton Alexander
Graphics GuyAKA:  Pandar
Age: 23
Job:  Reviews/Graphics
Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy VI, Ogre Battle 64
Favorite Music: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, The Brilliant Green
Favorite Shows : House, Good Eats, Terminator 2
Favorite Gaming Moment: Opera scene in FFVI
Favorite Saying: No matter where you go… There you are.
Favorite RPG Land Moment: RPGLand Wedstravaganza Saskatoon 2007 (AKA Heath and Janelle’s Wedding)

Andrew Duff
Job: Anime Coverage
Secret History: Andrew is pursuing a degree in fiction writing, which means he spends all of his time writing, reading, and playing video games. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and snowstorms.
Favorite Band(s): Flogging Molly, Neutral Milk Hotel, Tally Hall
Favorite Game(s): Castlevania: SOTN, Suikoden 2, the game of love, baby.
Favorite Book(s): American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, anything Terry Pratchett writes.

Joey Janowski
Name: Joey Janowski
AKA: SuperMegamanX
Age: 25
Job:  Contributor
Favorite Game(s): Kingdom Hearts 2, Megaman 2, Final Fantasy V
Favorite Music: The Black Mages, Dragonforce
Favorite Shows : LOST, Halloween, Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Favorite Gaming Moment: The 1000 Heartless battle & Final Boss of Kingdom Hearts 2, Buying Megaman Anniversary Collection
Favorite Saying: You can’t change the past. But you can use it to change the future.
Favorite RPG Land Moment: Heath & Janelle’s wedding

RPGLAND’s previous designs:
The first design January 1999-June 2000

The second design July 2000-2004

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The fourth and longest running design June 2000-July 2008