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Super Mario RPG Review (Virtual Console)

By Janelle | April 1, 1999 at 10:46 am

Super Mario RPG

Super Nintendo and Wii Virtual Console

Reviewed: 4/01/2010


Super Mario RPG is starting with Princess Peach picking flowers on her hill of happiness. But that Bowser is stealing her again, so once more it is the job of Mario who is a loathesome moustached plumber to recover her from the grasping claws of the grasping lobster that is Bowser. At the castle of Bowser, stupid Mario has victory, but with haste, a sword of smiting and thunder is falling from the sky and shattering some road of clouds and stars that is needed for living. Dark Evil Lord Smithy of Evilness is capturing the world! The Smithy Gang holds the star pieces of the stars, and the pieces are dropped lunch money that must be collected or the world will go hungry!

The game that is having a good story is funny, the sugar of a sweet and sour lemonade that is sour because no one is liking silent plumber heroes! It is slow but has many great other not-plumber characters the player is laughing at. The world that is unconquered by Mario has a large map of places for going and playing many fiddly smaller games that are good-tasting garnishes on a special order sandwich.

Fighting has excitement, because the battles of timed hits are making the player pay attention, even to characters who are hated! The system that is called Timed Hits lets good button presses change one punch into two or one fireball of roasting into twenty. The jumping of Mario can be going on forever like the horizon of a bad painting if the player has skill and reflexes of a stalking jungle cat. The three characters of the player’s picking are fighting on the left, but the biggest problem of the fighting is one selected character must be always the thick-headed Mario who is an idiot of stupidity.

It is good music, written by Yoko Shimomura who has written the mashed music of Kingdom Hearts and Parasite Eve, the game of killing fink-rat cell monsters. Catchy music is the best of the soundtrack because it means the player has been humming for the last hour this good music. Forest Maze is the crown of the mighty statue of this mighty soundtrack. It has also good sound effects, like the classic-sounding sounds of Mario games, even the sound of his awful jump, but there is no good sound of cackling! It has disappointment.

The good-looking colors of rounded cartoon graphics are satisfying lemonade with a tiny umbrella on a hot dry day filled with ugly video games. It is a not-confusing isometric style that makes 3D appearances even though it is fake 3D. Most things are moving and animating smoothly with funny expression and direction. The best animation is the falling of Mario on his big balloon face when he has an accident of bad planning in battle and dies.

Super Mario RPG is a game of good feelings. It is a soft gentle teddy bear for old people who have rememberings of good game times with the Super Famicom of the last millennium. Everyone who has the tolerance of bad hero characters can have enjoyment of this game!


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