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Atlus discusses Growlanser with RPGamer

By Heath | August 5, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Mason Hyodo of Atlus recently spoke of the upcoming strategy RPG Growlanser: Heritage of War with our sister site, RPGamer. In the interview, Hyodo describes many features and aspects of the game such as length, story, and gameplay bits.

One thing Hyodo notes about gameplay in Hertiage of War is its fast pace, due to the Ability Tree system. He says, “Since Heritage of War features a quick battle system, you have the Ability Tree System to help get through it. With this, you can change your characters’ abilities in the blink of an eye. A powerful fighter can turn into a skilled sorcerer, or vice versa, in an instant.

“The system gives you a lot of freedom to customize your characters. For instance, I customized Fanille, my favorite character, to focus on attack magic. Originally, she was more of a healer than the aggresive sorcerer I created.”

The complete interview is at this link.

Growlanser: Heritage of War will ship to retail stores on September 11, 2007, for a suggested price of $49.99. Below is everything that comes in the set.


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