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Two Worlds interview in the vault, Hindman misses possible Seinfeld reference

By Heath | August 10, 2007 at 1:28 am

IGN’s vault network posted an interview with Miroslaw Dymek, a Technical Director working on the PC and Xbox 360 RPG Two Worlds. In the interview, Dymek primarily discusses the multiplayer aspects of the game, but also touches on monthly fees, PvP, and differences between the two versions.

Here is a sampling of the interview:

Q: “Other than knowing the game will have multiplayer, we aren’t 100% sure how it will work. Since the game isn’t a persistent world like a MMORPG, how are players going to be able to jump into a game together to interact with each other?”

A: “The basic layout is this: you’ll log into the game, from there you’ll be able to choose a town to spawn in. Once you’ve spawned into a town you’ll be able to sell, trade, talk and socialize just like any other MMO. From there you can find groups or just start up a quest and it’s pretty self-explanatory from there. ”

Q: “Is there going to be any PvP when it comes to the multiplayer, or are things being kept strictly cooperative play?”

A: “We’ve incorporated a separate PvP mode in the online component so that players will be able to make standard PvP characters with different classes. These characters do not level up, but they’re outfitted with certain skills set to their class. For example we have a Sword Dancer who has dual handed weapons and skill befitting someone strong with swords, like the ability to break an enemy’s defenses by striking extra hard. Again, this was an issue of fairness, as we didn’t want people in the PvP to have level 60s beating up on the level 6s. We’re also incorporating some interesting game types to the PvP area so that players will be able to team up against each other in more interesting battles than just standard deathmatches. Monster Hunter, for example, lets one team of players protect their group of creatures while trying to slay the enemy’s horde. The team that reaches 100 creature points first (by killing enemy monsters) wins!”

The rest of the interview is at this link.

Source: Two Worlds Vault

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