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Square Enix rocking TGS before it even starts

By Heath | September 12, 2007 at 11:05 am

Square Enix has dropped some news and media, though the Tokyo Game Show hasn’t even started yet. Among them:

  • The company is working with tri-Ace (best known for making Radiata Stories, Star Ocean, and Valkyrie Profile) on Infinite Undiscovery, an action RPG for the Xbox 360. Prior to this, it was unknown who would publish this title, as tri-Ace develops, but does not produce or publish games itself. Screens below.
  • Dragon Quest IV DS will be released in Japan on Nov. 22, 2007, selling for 5490 yen (a little under $50 US).
  • Final Fntasy Tactics: The War of the Lions will hit PAL territories on Oct. 5, 2007.
  • Last Remnant screens of higher quality than the ones I seem to remember:
  • lastremnanttgs1.jpglastremnanttgs2.jpg


  • Infinite Undiscovery screens:
  • infinitetgs1.jpginfinitetgs2.jpg


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