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RPG Land launches Awesomecast

By Heath | September 24, 2007 at 3:08 pm

When it was first suggested earlier this year, we wrote the idea off as not worth the effort. Basically talk radio, about games, on the internet? It didn’t sound appealing. However, a few recent IRC conversations about a range of topics has us realizing, “You know…we could broadcast this stuff after all…and it could be good.”

We were faced with the dilemma of deciding what in the world to call a broadcast for computers and iPods. Broadcast…iPod…broadcast. “Eureeka,” said Orie, “We should call it the ‘Awesomecast.'” And here we are.

In this introductory episode, we discussed Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Job System (import), Digimon World Data Squad (released Sept. 18), Mother 3 (import), Soul Nomad (coming Sept. 25), and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (import) in a sort of “whatchu been playing?” type fashion. The episode is long — 75 minutes — so for those who’d rather listen in chunks, we’ve made it available as a single download or two separate, smaller downloads.

But this is not all. This Awesomecast is Awesome because, like the RPGs we cover, it includes Sidequests. With most Awesomecasts will come another download called “Sidequest,” which is RPG Land’s wacky outtakes and side conversations that come with every show. Some will probably even conclude they’re the best part. Without further ado, here are your mp3’s.

Full, 75-minute Awesomecast: Listen here.
Or, if you prefer in shorter segments…
First 45 minutes: Listen here.
Second 30 minutes: Listen here.

Hear our hilarious outtakes in the RPG Land Sidequest: Listen here.

Panelists in this broadcast:
Orie House and his beard:

Ryan Mance, who as far as we know is lying to you by wearing that Penguins hat

Janelle Hindman, the necessary estrogen

Heath Hindman, who, out of respect for a former US President, has always intentionally pronounced a certain Final Fantasy spell to sound like his name.

We’re new to it, but we did our best, and we know we’re only going to get better. Please send us feeback of all kinds on our message forums or by emailing pr@rpgland.com

Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy.

Note: props to Orie for editing this thing and piecing it all together coherantly. It would not be of the quality it is without the time and effort he put in.

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