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Awesomecast Vs. Tokyo Game Show: NERDFIGHT

By Heath | September 26, 2007 at 7:31 pm

A new Awesomecast is up, hitting the Tokyo Game Show right in its crotch. This ep has us discussing the biggest stuff from TGS, as well as witnessing the rise and fall of an entire religion. Quite an eventful hour, eh?
Your new Sidequest contains over 10 minutes of bonus stuff.
The Panelists in this broadcast:
Orie “The Word Pope” House

Janelle Hindman, smarter than the rest of us

Heath Hindman is white?

Ryan Mance, who just does not like shooters, but was going to buy Halo 3 for some reason

Joey “Not a Viking” Janowski (no photo available)

And by the way, within these casts, “going to Saskatchewan” means someone faded out of the call. Just sort of something that one of us said and…it stuck, I guess.

Also of note is that you can now subscribe to the Awesomecast RSS Feed here.

Please give us your feedback at pr@rpgland.com or on our forums.

Enjoy the show!

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