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Mount and Blade version .890 out now

By Heath | September 27, 2007 at 6:23 pm

Version .890 of Mount and Blade, an action RPG for PC, has been released.? It can be downloaded for free here.


RPG Land forum member Idin Leis praises the game, saying, “The game plays kind of like Sid Meir’s Pirates!. It is very open ended and moddable. It does not have the best graphics but the gameplay featured in this game is quite possibly the best for games of these type. Bethesda should look at this game and take some notes is what I am trying to say.

“You can play this game for free till you hit a certain level and it will ask you to buy it.

“I bought this game for like $10 two years ago, but as time goes on and they keep developing it further, the price keeps going up. Currently it is $22 with $29 being the max.”

Also expressing approval, forum member LiQuid! said, “It took a while, but I officially really, really love this game. It’s overwhelming at first, but once you start leveling up, learning how the skills work and effect you and your army and save up enough for some totally rad equipment and an unstoppable horsie, this game rocks the s### out of most retail games.”

The latest discussion thread about the game is here, and Mount and Blade comes recommended by our forum community to PC gamers looking for a low-priced RPG with plenty of free trial time.


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