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.hack//G.U. gets movie treatement

By Heath | September 28, 2007 at 11:26 am

“One man’s sunset is another man’s dawn.” Indeed. With the end of the .hack//G.U. trilogy of games comes CyberConnect2’s announcement that the G.U. subseries is about to be given movie treatment. To be released on Jan. 25, in the form of an 85-minute CG movie on DVD and bluray disc, the movie will be a retelling of the G.U. story with increased detail (exceeding boundaries set by PS2 hardware).

There are reportedly 10 minutes of bonus features within the planned production, and a limited edition set will come with a hack//G.U. World Guide book. It will be directed by Hiroshi Matsuyama, president of CC2 and director of the games.

A YouTube video of the TGS trailer, posted by dothackers.net, is up here.

Source: dothackers.net

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