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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII gameplay journal update 5

By Heath | October 3, 2007 at 3:40 am

The following post contains spoilers regarding Final Fantasy VII and, more relevant to our current time, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. It is advised that if you do not wish to have certain scenes of either game spoiled for you, that you do not read ahead.

Now that that?s out of the way, I can safely say that anyone who was at all interested in the mythology of Final Fantasy VII will enjoy this game.

Some of the background storytelling in Final Fantasy VII was sub-par, to say the least. The Nibelheim incident, particularly the aftermath of it, was not very well told, leaving many gamers to speculate about what really happened within the depths of the Shinra Mansion. We were left wondering about how much of the events happened to Zack, and how much happened to Cloud, as well as to what was going on overall.

Crisis Core answers everything.

You get a chance to play through the entire Nibelheim sequence that Cloud told in flashbacks, except this time Zack is the main character. It would pretty much be a crime for Square-Enix to not include this in the game. After all, it pretty much was Zack?s defining moment in Final Fantasy VII. The interesting thing about this retelling of the story, though, is the added content. You play an expanded version of the story, with new scenes, new battles, and … sadly … the same videos as the original game.

One of the really cool touches is that the enemies in Nibelheim are the same enemies as in Final Fantasy VII. Remember those orbs with napkinlike bodies in the Shinra Mansion? Those are back. The music is also a mix of new pieces and remixed classics, making the area feel very authentic to the original. I said in my last post that I was starting to get on board with the Final Fantasy VII remake idea, and now I?m solidly there. I?d like a remake. If it?s done anywhere as well as this game has been done so far, I think we?d all be in for a treat.

Level: 33
Playtime: 15:06:30
Materia: 68
Mission Completion: 22%
Final Fantasy VII Characters Met: 9
Summon Monsters Fought: 3
D.M.W. (Slot Machine Faces): 10/18

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