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Famitsu reveals: DS to see Etrian Odyssey 2; Yggdra Union ported to PSP

By Heath | October 3, 2007 at 4:26 am

In RPG news for the portable scene, duckroll over at NeoGAF has revealed, Famitsu magazine in hand, that hit first-person DS dungeon crawler Etrian Odyssey will be getting a sequel. As well, Yggdra Union will be heading to PSP. First have three Etrian Odyssey 2 scans and two Yggdra Union PSP scans, before we go on with the news:


Yggdra Union:


Regarding the Etrian sequel, duckroll informs us of some steps forward for the series. Some tweaks, which arguably should have been present in the original, include a quicksave function and being able to see a character’s status when buying armor (to see what will change, if anything). Other things duckroll says are in planning for the sequel include:
-New classes: Doctor, Magnus, and Gunner. The Magnus is sounds like a combat mage, which has healing properties as well as offense boosts from studying the body. The Gunner can use various elemental bullets.
– There are now pets that follow and aid you in the adventure.
– Existing jobs will have new artwork.
– Battles will be much more visually exciting.
– FOEs will have new rules and new types.
– The director is Komori (the writer of EO, Devil Summoner, and Princess Crown), and she says they decided to make a sequel when they looked into the template and realized they could improve the balance of the calculations and skills, as well as brushing up the existing formula.
– You can create a total of 30 charcters this time.
– For map creation, there are now 3 different colors you can use.
– There are also more icons and arrows to use.
– Game is 70% complete, release date will be announced soon.
– The character design, monster design and sound are handled by the same staff as the first game.

Yggdra Union will follow Riviera as the second Sting-developed, Atlus-published RPG to go from Game Boy Advance to PlayStation Portable. The new version will have more types of tactical cards, new characters, added scenarios, some improved battle animations, and a three-minute opening video to kick it all off. This game will be released in Japan on Jan. 28, 2008.

Source: NeoGAF. Thanks to forum member LiQuid! for pointing us to this.

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