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Grandia Online becomes Grandia Zero

By Heath | October 12, 2007 at 1:30 am


Gung Ho’s MMO installment of the Grandia series, formerly called Grandia Online, has been renamed Grandia Zero. In explaining the name change at length, Gung Ho president Kazuki Morishita said for one thing, that having “Online” in the title places emphasis on categorizing a game, when really, he wants Grandia to be the focus. Zero, he said, was chosen because something about the game’s universe is akin to a key place in the eternal progression of time.

It’s been an awfully long time since information about this game came from…well, anywhere, so Morishita talked a bit more about it. He mentioned that it would be a challenge to incorporate a real Grandia-esque battle system in an online game, but is determined to pull it off, because he doesn’t want Grandia Zero to have a click-spamming method of fighting.

When asked why the game had been delayed for a year, Gung Ho noted that it’s trying to pull off something with the graphics that will make citizens of RPG Land be all like “Whoa.” By that, he meant graphics that are frequently upgradeable to keep up with the times. No, he has never played Ultima Online (or so we theorize).

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