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MMORPG Halloween Events: 14 Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating this October

By Janelle | October 24, 2007 at 2:25 am

Halloween is soon upon us, and many MMORPGs are running special events. RPG Land has got the lowdown on what 14 different games are cooking up this October, from candy to costume parties. With a list including big titles like World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot, and Final Fantasy XI, as well as several lesser-knowns like Tales of Pirates, we present several Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating this October.

By the way, if you play any of these games and happen to take a few screencaps of the festivities, we’d be thrilled if you tossed them our way via the forums or by email.

Scroll down and read naturally if you love America, but those of you who hate freedom can click the tag links to cut to specified games.

In Dark Age of Camelot, apparently, “Something strange has happened to all of the puppies.” Cryptic. Beyond this mysterious puppy affliction, there will be several changes to the game world in time for the big Black and Orange. The Ghostly Harvest Quest is available for all players level 45 and over. Vendors have set up treat stalls to sell candy and confections in many major cities, and consignment merchants will change into Halloween costumes if placed on a house porch. Costume potions are also available for player use. Stable and merchant horses have joined the “spirit realm,” and when the Pumpkin Moon rises, ghosts will haunt the game’s capital cities.

The Headless Horseman may now be summoned and killed in World of Warcraft‘s Hallow’s End event. Naturally, he drops some exclusive, themed loot, such as the Horseman’s Signet Ring. On the more festive side, pumpkins and other decorations now cover towns quite liberally, sweets are being sold at special vendors, and innkeepers will play a key role in many Halloween quests and events, including bobbing for apples. They dispense treat bags which may contain masks, costumes or candy, or various nasty tricks. The treat bags may also be taken to the sick orphans Jesper and Spoops for rewards. As well, the Wickerman Festival will provide Alliance and Horde players opportunites to prank the opposite faction. The official website explains:
“For those interested more in tricks than treats, Darkcaller Yanka wants members of the Horde to throw stink bombs at the Alliance town of Southshore. Sergeant Hartman in Southshore encourages members of the Alliance to do their best to stop the Horde lest they be stuck cleaning up the stink! To get back at the Horde, he’ll also ask you to crash the Wickerman Festival outside of the Undercity. Everyone is advised to sharpen their blades, tighten their girths, and prepare for battle!”


For the month of October, Asheron’s Call is running its Masked Memories event. In addition to a passage of flavor fiction, the month’s updates boast the return of the Majestic Pumpkin, along with a new Arena of the Pumpkin King. Halloween related monsters and drops have also been implemented, including new costume masks, candy creatures and equipment such as the Pumpkin Shield.

Acclaim Games’ 2 Moons is noting the occasion with a candy drop event in which players can collect candy drops for prizes, or use them to raise attributes. A Night of Horrors on October 31 will have GMs spawning powerful enemies throughout various maps.


Anarchy Online will soon have its newest patch released, and with it Halloween content. Exactly what is not presently clear, but the game director promises “Old Uncle Pumpkinhead and his cohorts will be plaguing the lands of Rubi-Ka again this year, and might even have brought a new friend this year! As always there will be a selection of great new tricks and treats alike for you all to sample.” The 17.6.3 Update will be released on October 24, so curious players don’t have much longer to wait.
UPDATE: The 17.6.3 Update has been released, and with it information on Anarchy Online‘s Halloween content. Characters of up to level 200 may talk to Frankenleet and Draculeet in larger cities to undertake Halloween missions to net old and new treats. Uncle Pumpkinhead monsters are back, hiding in dark patches of fog triggered by quests, and are dropping themed items and clothing for players to dress up in, including new T-shirts, pumpkin dolls, striped stockings, pitchforks, and the pumpkin bikini. In addition, the Griefing Uncle Pumpkinhead will be roaming low suppression gas areas, carrying the rarest weapons and clothing, and players are advised to take him on in groups. Finally, a limited edition Hoverbike, the Deathrider, is now available. The Anarchy Online forums also carry information on several Halloween bashes being held.




From October 26 to November 5, EverQuest II will be in the midst of the Nights of the Dead. A “hair-raising raid” is scheduled for All Hallows Eve, players may trick-or-treat to earn candy and rewards from NPCs, and spirits wait to be freed from their curse in a haunted house.

Myth War Online will be holding three separate GM events and a weeklong quest in its All Hallows Eve Celebration from October 31 to November 6. Throughout the week, players may participate in the Myth War World Ghost Cleanup to dispose of creeps and disease-spreading insects for special rewards. The Druggist’s Trick on October 31 will see players seeking out GMs to be sent to a special mob-killing area for special potions. The Possession has ghostly GMs doling out experience and prizes to encountered players on November 1. During November 2’s Trick Or Treat, GMs offer players presents, with a catch: players must either offer a gift in return, or defeat the GMs in battle. Additionally, a mask making contest is being held in the official Myth War Online forums, and the game’s Shopping Mall will feature some specially themed discounts.

In this ghostly tale, Sword of the New World: Granado Espada players will learn the story of the Cursed Merchant, Captain Sharffenberger, and why he will be roaming the high seas this month. Players will have an opportunity to bring the Captain peace by defeating him–and gain exclusive loot, naturally.


Tales of Pirates is running its Halloween activities from October 17 to October 31, which include in-game and out-of-game events. The game’s item mall will be running some seasonal items and discounts, and there are comic and screenshot contests open in the official forums. Within the game, a quest may be undertaken to receive a Halloween Lantern, offering a +50 boost to a character’s defense. Additionally, a Monsters and Mooncakes event is running where various monsters will drop mooncakes, which may be traded for special items or eaten for experience.

Apparently the Jedi celebrate Halloween, because two Halloween events are occuring in the Star Wars Galaxies community this year. The first is simple: get out of that computer chair and carve a pumpkin in the Pumpkin Challenge! Winners will be posted in the official forums and receive a special icon and title. The second, Haunted Showcase, involves players giving their structure or storyteller event a spooky theme. This contest closes at 12:00 PDT on October 29, and has a few submission guidelines, which may be found here, along with additional information.

The sidescroller Maple Story returns with some familiar Halloween features, and many new ones. Monsters will once again drop candy of various types, which may be traded to the witch Malady for a Pumpkin Basket weapon, and the official website again features a candy guess, with Maple Points up for grabs. Additionally, the website is hosting a real life costume contest, also for Maple Points. In the Cash Shop, Halloween costumes and the new Jr. Reaper pet are available. New to the season are a set of Halloween maps: The Phantom Forest and the Prendergast Estate. The Headless Horseman lurks in the Forest for braver players, but the Prendergast Estate, featuring several Halloween quests, is only open to players wearing Halloween costumes from the cash shop.
As a footnote, in the Global version of Maple Story, the Halloween maps will be open to all players freely following October and will become a permanent part of the Global-exclusive Masteria continent. In other versions, the two maps will be presumably patched out.

For the entire month of October, Helbreath USA will be providing some gory drops in limited and scheduled amounts, as well as some special monster attacks. Tainted Candy and five varieties of Vile Bottles will be dropping, and players will quest to collect the most before November 1, for prizes. As well, the City Hall will be under attack by demons, and Unicorns will be in danger. Players may choose whether to help the demons conquer, or to aid the Unicorns.

Final Fantasy XI‘s Harvest Festival has returned, running from October 18 to November 1, and with it come the Bomb decorations and festival vendors. Players may trade sweets to NPCs for Harvest Festival items or costumes. Additionally, Wake of the Lilies exorcist quests are available, complimenting the newly released vol. 3 of the ongoing story, The Dark Lilies, which may be found here.



Taking a slightly different route, City of Heroes/Villains players will be able to congregate for their own real-life Halloween bash. The brainchild of two avid Champion server players (Terrence St. John and Kevin Gaussoin, known as Controller Trance of Earth and Tanker Titan TL respectively) The Nexus Crisis, a Heroes-themed costume party, will be held in New York City on October 27 at the Breffini Inn Bar, courtesy of ComicsOnline.com. The party tempts with dancing, plenty of scheduled entertainment, and many door prizes, including 14-day trial codes for the games. The only catch is that since the bash is being held at a bar, players under 21 years of age will not be able to participate.

Worth noting is that two games, Guild Wars and Hellgate London, have had Halloween art and multimedia contests that have already opened and closed. Players of these games who are late to get into the Halloween spirit will have to wait until next year to enter, but the winning entries will be available for viewing in the next week on the respective sites.

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