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Tales of Innocence grows, fuses, controls self

By Heath | October 25, 2007 at 3:19 am

Some new information, aided by new screens, has come forth regarding Tales of Innocence.

Players will have full control of where a given character fights. See screen number two up there on the right? That character is getting rigged up with “Wisdom” fighting style, meaning she’ll be in the back casting spells. Other styles will also be available, perhaps accomodating the token fighter and tank RPG archetypes.

The second two screens above show some of the advanced AI tweaking. Innocence, according to Famitsu, will allow more detailed customization of a CPU-controled character’s actions this time around. This reportedly includes the ability to set reactions for more types of complex or unusual situations.


Above is seen a sort of weapon synthesis, which can alter its stats and potentially lend it to include delivering a negative status effect upon the enemy.

Sources: Famitsu, RPGFan

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