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Jeanne d’Arc contest winners

By Heath | October 30, 2007 at 4:08 pm

The winners have all been notified and received their prizes already, despite this posting being delayed. Anyway, remember the contest we ran last month, with copies of Jeanne d’Arc up for grabs? Below are the three winning entries.
Jean B from New York (with a strangely coincidental name…) replied to the questions thusly:
A) I would not give her the talking sword from Tales of Destiny because she’s already dealing with enough voices in her head. I would give her an ARM from the Wild ARMs series. That would take care of her adversaries.

B) I would fly to Japan so I could get a copy of Crisis Core to show her because Zack is whack!

C) I’d hit that time machine to 1978 & take her to Studio 51. ‘nough said.

D) We’d be sipping tea, watching Torchwood on the telly, doing the Time Warp Again. Wait, we pretty much do that now… Nobody’s ever said England doesn’t have demons its disposal.

Richard S from Illinois said:
Weapon: It’s 9-11, baby. We should learn from our mistakes, and the terrorists taught us something that day years ago. So I’d take back an airship like FF8’s Ragnarok and crash it right into someone’s ass. Mother#######.

PSP Game: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. Joan needs to learn stealth so she’s not getting caught and burned by Brits.

Date: Probably Woodstock. She’s a vet of dirty medieval war so I’m sure she’d be okay with the lack of hygene.

England: F### England.

And Eric B from Wisconsin won a copy of the game when he answered:
A) Easy, gunblade. The equivalent of marching to battle in your
underpants. Or a chicken suit.

B) I wouldn’t think she’d be all that into video games to be perfectly
honest. Plus I’d be too busy trying to loosen her up with liquor and
Quaaludes to try and deflower her.

C) 1989? What an arbitrary cutoff point. Are you guys trying to force
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure inspired answers to this question? I
won’t fall into that trap…

D) Are you implying that England’s current roster of demons isn’t powerful?

Congratulations to all three winners, and thanks very much to all who participated. There were several good entries that we sadly couldn’t also give a prize to. We wish we could, though.

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