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EverQuest Online Adventures: not dead, just gone fishing

By Heath | October 31, 2007 at 3:17 pm

Almost five years after its launch, the PS2-based MMORPG EverQuest Online Adventures is still alive and kicking. As of today, its players can participate in a fishing tournament.
Says the official notice, “Players can grab their rods and reels and seek out the best locations as weekly prizes will be awarded for catching special tagged fish. Anglers who are able to lure in the tagged fish will be awarded an in-game pet as a reward.”

Other fall activities are scheduled to take place as well, according to Sony, including:
-Trick or Treat Halloween Quest: Quest is comprised of 20 NPCs that the player must discover, collecting all the ?treats? they hand out.
-Moradhim Earth Elemental Invasion: A GM-run event that has players battling a Rift, the enraged earth guards, and the muddites. GMs take the guise of ?rock named? elementals to fight.
-Scavenger Hunts: Players have the opportunity to collect specific items from various NPCs around Norrath.
-Witch Hunt Quest: A witch harasses a nearby town. In an attempt to be rid of her, players assist her in finding her sisters.

EverQuest Online Adventures, launched in February of 2003 for PlayStation 2, isn’t talked about much, but still receives occasional updates and has somewhat of a community left around, despite its obvious datedness and only having seen one official expansion pack. Its official website can be viewed at this link.

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