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FFXI: Scholars land jobs, males dance

By Heath | November 3, 2007 at 12:34 pm

It was widely wondered if the Dancer class in Final Fantasy XI‘s upcoming Wings of the Goddess expansion would be for females only. That question has been answered in the negative today, as it has been revealed that effeminate males can also take up the class. As well, details on the Dancer job and another new job, “Scholar,” have been revealed. Details below the screens.



The Scholar, pictured in both left-side pictures above, is said to be “an ideal support job for mages.” It can use a bit of both black and white magic, though it is not a mage per se. It is said to have an ability to really maximize the potential of each ability used.

Dancers have three types of moves. “Dances” are used for healing, “Steps” enfeeble enemies, and “Flourishes” apparently combine with Steps to do godknowswhat. Some dances can put the target in a daze and allow party members to drain its HP. These abilities require TP, so as FFXI players will deduce, this means the Dancer will be on the front lines of combat.

Citizens of Vana’diel will notice there are three people hanging out in a Mog House in the fourth screen up there. Wings of the Goddess will reportedly allow players to invite others inside their Mog Houses.

Other miscellaneous notes on this expansion include that when in the past (not to be confused with “The Pas” Manitoba, officially renamed by RPG Land “The Past”), many of the merchants from the present won’t be present, because oh snap, they didn’t exist yet. Mog Houses and delivery services will still be available, though.

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