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Hudson’s Dungeon Explorers coming stateside

By Heath | November 15, 2007 at 11:42 am

Hudson, makers of a pair of Dungeon Explorer titles which RPG Land reported on here, has announced that these handheld games will be getting a North American release in February, 2008, bearing the name Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts.

Being on two very different systems, the DS and PSP, the two titles, while similar at heart, will also be different in a number of areas. For the PSP version, players can select from over 150 “fighting arts,” and three players can unite via ad-hoc and blow crap up.

The DS version will only feature between 60-70 fighting arts, which apparently must be studied at one of eight certain schools. Like the PSP counterpart, three players can team up with a local wireless connection. Both versions of the game feature upgradable equipment.

The two versions vary in story as well. Players of the PSP game are trained in weaponry and mystical forces as Warriors of Ancient Arts. On a quest and ready to uncover the fate of a legendary kingdom, they’ll prepare to battle demonic forces and monstrous creatures. The DS version takes place a few hundred years after the end of the PSP version, when the creatively named “Evil Menace,” at the rule of the original “Demon God,” is on a mission to drop Westoria Kingdom like it’s hot.

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