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Atlus cracks 360 with two and a half SRPGs

By Heath | November 17, 2007 at 1:49 am

Atlus USA has just announced that it will localize a pair of strategy RPGs for the Xbox 360 in 2008: Spectral Force 3 and Operation Darkness.


Spectral Force 3: Innocent Rage, pictured above left, was released in Japan in June of 2006. The game was developed by Idea Factory, the developer responsible for crap like this, as a sequel to its Spectral Force games that have appeared on PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The game takes place in the year “Magic Era: 996,” which I wish was “1996,” because as anyone will tell you, 1996 was a good fricking year.

Informative Press Release details the story thusly: “The ten kingdoms of the land, seizing the opportunity provided by Overlord Janus’s death, are attempting to unify the continent under their own banners. This is the beginning of the Great Neverland War. In order to bolster their defenses, kingdoms have begun hiring mercenary units. As new members of the Norius Mercenaries, you and your friend Diaz are eager to prove yourselves. When the squad?s commander Judo is mortally wounded in battle, the mantle of leadership is entrusted to you, and so the adventure begins.”

Bomb track.

Spectral Force 3 has not been given a more specific release date other than “2008,” and it is yet unrated by the ESRB. Its official Japanese website is located here.

Operation Darkness, the right-side Japanese box art image above, hit Japanese stores this past October. This WWII-based game was created by Success Corp., who also made Metal Saga and the Touch Detective games. This game actually appears to be more of a turn-based strategy game than RPG, but you know what, we got both press releases, and I’ve already got all this text written and box art posted, so screw you, it’s getting covered, at least this once.

Keep your eye on this teaser site, which it becomes apparent that Operation Darkness is not just about killing Hitler, but that there is some female supporting character really asking for it.

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