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Fragile: 8 screens, information without puns

By Heath | November 23, 2007 at 4:08 pm

The recently revealed Wii RPG Fragile will star a young man named Seto, who lives in a dark, semifuturistic world that has gone through some recent crisis.? The ruins that RPG Land noted would be explored within this game, therefore, are in fact ruins of modern cities and towns.? More details after these screens:





The Wiimote will be used for certain objects in Seto’s inventory, such as a metal detector and the flashlight (seen in various screenshots).? Players will point the Wiimote where the light should shine, for example.? It is therefore presumed that the Wii nunchuck will be used for navigation.

Following the classic advice of “Walk softly and carry a big stick,” Seto carries a stick and uses it to ward off enemies.? Right now, it’s not entirely clear what types of enemies there are or to what extent the stick can thwart them, but it’s said that ghosts appear.

The hype train has started, and Namco Bandai seems set on releasing things about this game in timed chunks of hypeness, so RPG Land apologizes in advance for the fact that there will probably be multiple updates about this game on our index in the near future.? Fragile is set to release in Japan at an unspecified time in 2008.

Source: Famitsu

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