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RPG Land trolled by Mother Russia

By Heath | November 23, 2007 at 8:17 pm

Holy freaking crap.

This past August, RPGLand.com found out it had a Russian counterpart, and forum members briefly discussed the grayer, redder version of the Land.? What went around came around, and search engines soon tipped off the Motherland of the discussion that took place.? Today, this topic appeared on that site.? And subsequently, this post began the invasion on our shores.?

They appear friendly, and the makeup of their species is remarkably similar to ours. ? Whether they’re here as a joke (as the original Russian thread seems to indicate) or they’ve really jumped into the community has yet to be seen, but we at the English RPG Land found these events unusual and reportable.? At this time, we hope to avoid another cold war and extend a warm international hand of friendship to RPG-Land.ru.


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