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Folklore adds on via download

By Heath | December 5, 2007 at 9:13 pm

Players of Game Republic’s PS3 RPG Folklore will soon be able to slightly expand the game, for a modest fee. The first of these add-on packs is called The Kidnapped Folk. In this, players return to Doolin to give Ellen and Keats some new quests, headlined by one with the objective of rescuing a very important kidnapped Folk. This pack also includes common bells and whistles for expansions, among them being a new Folk, Maximillian, with a powerful cannonball attack, and a new outfit for Ellen.

The second add-on, called Bottom of the Sea, starts with Damona requesting an item from — you guessed it — the bottom of the sea. It’s this writer’s wish that this add-on includes the Sealab 2021 theme song — you know, that one that goes “If you’re lookin’ for me, you better check under the sea…cause that is where you’ll find me. Underneath the seeaa laaab…” but it definitely doesn’t have that. What it does have is a few new quests and a new suit for Keats’s “trancenscion state.” It’s said that this is a shout out which anime fans will recognize.

There is no concrete release date on these packs yet, but it’s known that they’ll be available for $3.99 each, or together for $5.99. More add-on packs are said to be in production, as well.? Update, 12/06/07: These packs are now available on the PlayStation network.

Folklore, called Folksoul in Japan, was released this past June in Japan and October in North America. Currently, it retails for $59.99.

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