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Atlus announces Baroque for Wii, PS2

By Phil | December 12, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Just when you thought that the Wii was getting a little bit too synonymous with Mary Kay parties and your grandma, news comes that reminds us that there are still companies that cater to folks who spend more time in dark basements. Today, Atlus USA is that company, because it announced this morning that it’s once again teaming up with Sting, the makers of Yggdra Union and Riviera: The Promised Land, to bring North America an incredibly, incredibly emo-sounding RPG for the Wii (oh, and also the PS2) called Baroque. *surprised look*

Hit the link to see more details, a gaggle of screens, and a trailer.

Baroque is a “hardcore” dungeon-crawling action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. To survive the world’s harsh environment, its inhabitants cling to delusions called “Baroques.” And of course, your job is to bring an end to all that nasty sounding stuff. The protagonist wakes up suddenly, with no memory, and is commanded by a red-pupiled man with large wings to “atone for his sin by going to the bottom of the Neruo Tower and healing the world.”

But before you do that you’ll have to battle through Neuro Tower’s randomly generated levels, and probably spend time stat crunching and using the game’s customization system. You’ll be able to utilize an assortment of equipment, some with a variety of uses, and combinable stat-boosting items to help you slog through the monsters of Neuro Tower more effectively.

One aspect of Baroque‘s gameplay that sounds particularly unique is how death is actually encouraged. According to Atlus, death will tie into the game’s story progression system, with each death revealing more secrets about the world.

Presumably, the Wii version will be a port of the PS2 version, as Japan only saw Baroque on the PS2 when it was released earlier this year. No differences between the two different versions have been announced yet, but it’s safe to assume that Baroque on the Wii will be a little bit more waggly at the very least.

Baroque is rated “T” and will be available on shelves for $39.99 in February of 2008, and for pre-order on January 4.

The North American translation of Baroque was leaked a few months back by one of the game’s voice actors who put the project on his resume, along with an entry for Persona 3: FES, the “expansion” to Persona 3. One down, one more to go? Possibly, but we’ll have to wait to see.

Click here to grab the trailer.



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