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From the Abyss information, (literally) sexy bonus, 25 screens

By Janelle | January 9, 2008 at 1:25 am

A few more details and screenshots from Sonic Powered’s From the Abyss have emerged, as the game nears its January 17 Japanese release.


From the Abyss will take place in the kingdom of Rubenhaut, where the queen and her subjects have enjoyed long years of peace and prosperity.? However, when the seal on the Abyss Hole leading to the dangerous Labyrinth of Dimension is broken by mysterious forces, the kingdom’s military finds that they are ill-prepared to fight the emerging monsters, after so many years of peace.? The queen then issues a decree, offering rewards to adventurers from far-off lands who can combat the growing monster forces.? The player will take the role of one such adventurer.

Gameplay in From the Abyss will be broken up into two phases: a town phase and a dungeon phase.? Before setting off to squash some baddies, players will purchase skills and weapons, gather information and arrange their inventory.? Rubenhaut’s capital houses many NPCs to converse with, many pictured below:







Some light has also been shed on combat details.? In addition to regular attacks, weapon skills and magic are available to be mapped to the DS’s buttons.? Many skills are acquired through “Soul Capturing.”? When fighting a monster, players may attempt to capture the soul of a monster.? The initial success rate will depend on the monster’s level and current HP, and the player’s current level, but will increase with rapid button presses. Different monsters will naturally dispense different skills.







Finally, a limited edition purchase bonus is available in the form of a phone card, featuring the characters Helen and Daisy dressed not quite as they are when in-game.


Source: Famitsu

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