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PS3’s Folklore keeps growing

By Heath | January 9, 2008 at 9:49 am

Sony is again using the PlayStation Network to add a bit more to the PS3’s Folklore. In addition to the free holiday update (still available), two more add-on packs are rolling out. “The Alchemist Pack” has players experimenting with stones and taking to Undersea City, looking for Ellen’s mother.
The new Folk in this pack is Scarab, and the new costume is a faery getup for Ellen.

The other new Folklore add-on is called The Origin of Belgae, and its new Folk is Radian, who can spin to hit multiple enemies, and Ellen’s new digs kinda looks like something out of Phantasy Star Online, but with more of a push-up quality. The four new quests contained within this pack send players into the netherworld and are set during the time of the original adventure.

These will cost gamers $3.99 singley, or $5.99 for both in one shot.

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