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Atlus USA announces Rondo of Swords

By Phil | January 17, 2008 at 3:18 pm

Atlus USA today announced that it will be bringing Success’ DS strategy RPG Rondo of Swords (known as Ituwari no Rondo in Japan) to North America on April 15.

While playing, players will find the game’s customizable skills and touch-screen “route maneuver” system crucial to battle. Using route maneuvers, characters can enhance attack or defense while hitting all enemies in his or her path. Using route maneuvers a certain way will grant the player stat bonuses and control over who enemies target. If players find that the status bonuses aren’t keeping certain, sparsely used characters from lagging behind, they will be able to utilize the “errand system,” which, similar to the quest system in the original Final Fantasy Tactics, will allow idle party members to go on quests to level up on their own.

The game’s story will be open-endedish, with the player’s actions affecting the story and the ending. For more stuff, check the game’s obligatory web site here.



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