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Atlus USA localizing Persona 3: Fes

By Heath | February 24, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Just right the hell now, Atlus USA has officially announced the North American localization of Persona 3: Fes, a special, bonus-content-packed edition of Persona 3 previously thought to not have a chance of seeing American shelves. Currently, it’s scheduled to ship in North America on April 22 with an MSRP of $29.99. Examples of the extras found within Fes include new personae, an additional piece of story in which Aigis is the main character, new weapons, new costumes, more music tracks, more Social Link events, and so on.

For the past several days, Atlus USA had been openly counting down towards this on its website, with an active timer ticking backwards. The timer may have baffled those who’ve never played Persona 3, but the countdown background was strikingly similar to part of Fes‘s opening, and at the 56-second mark of Persona 3: Fes‘s opening video, one can easily see the same gun-in-hand silhouette that was being used in the countdown’s various ad banners.

This is the full game plus extras, not just an add-on disc or expansion.? The subtitle of “Fes” is said to come from the stem of the word “Festival.”

Here is a YouTube link to the Persona 3: Fes opening, as well as a trailer.

Thanks to Athrun and cloudycat from RPG Dreamers for the Fes screencaps.



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