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Chaos Wars Now GameStop Exclusive

By Russ | March 28, 2008 at 12:32 am

?and just like Chulip, no one cares.

GameStop, fine purveyor of used games (oh, and preorders) has acquired the sole distribution rights to Chaos Wars, according to an advertisement in the April issue of Game Informer and GameStop’s in-store preorder list. Chaos Wars is a Strategy RPG that features characters from multiple Idea Factory games, as well as the Growlanser and Shadow Hearts series. One of out of four also sounds like the score it will probably receive, if you catch my drift.

This isn?t the first time a company, or GameStop in particular, has acquired exclusive games. Wal-Mart has the rights to Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol while GameStop has done its share of exclusives; such as the collector’s edition for Final Fantasy XII. Strangely, O3 Entertainment and UFO Interactive have both been credited as the North American publishers, but neither site will ‘fess up to it.

To see the highest budgeted crossover fanfiction ever, head to Idea Factory’s site for the game since no one else will acknowledge it.

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