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Dokapon Kingdom being ported to Wii

By Heath | April 5, 2008 at 6:34 am

Released in Japan for PlayStation 2 last November, Dokapon Kingdom will be getting a Wii port, due out June 26 (again, just Japan). The Wii controller will be useable in the “classic” fashion for the game, as will the GameCube controller. It also seems planned to have the Wiimote used in point-and-command navigation around the game’s boardlike map.


dokaponrpg2.jpg dokaponrpg3.jpgdokaponrpg4.jpg

dokaponrpg6.jpg dokaponrpg9.jpgdokaponrpg5.jpg

Fun fact: Dokapon Kingdom is made by Sting, the guys that did Riviera and Yggdra Union.

Fact that isn’t so much fun as it is just kind of a fact: Dokapon Kingdom for Wii is set to retail for 6090?.

Non-fact, just speculation: this probably won’t be released stateside.

Source: Famitsu

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