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World Destruction planned for DS

By Heath | April 24, 2008 at 10:16 am

Masato “mother-effing” Kato, Yasunori “mother-effing” Mitsuda, and Masatoshi “not as big of a mother-effing deal but still pretty cool” Azumi are just three of the big names involved with a new DS RPG by Sega, entitled World Destruction.


World Destruction‘s story features a few insecure teenagers who’ve been drafted onto a committee whose objective is to destroy the world. Other party members revealed so far include a wolfman and the token several-hundred-year-old whose face has yet to gain a wrinkle. The combat system is said to be a standard turn-based RPG system with just a small touch of fighting game staples. That part kind of sounds like some other game that Kato, Mitsuda, and Kunihiko Tanaka (also along for this ride) were involved in, called Xenogears. Also in battle, certain points are accumulated to unleash special moves including group attacks.

This game will hit Japanese game shops this summer.


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