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Etrian Odyssey II character profiles, part two

By Heath | May 16, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Remember when we said this would be on ongoing thing?? Well, here’s the second part, noting the hexer, the war magus, and the dark hunter.? Starting with that hexer…

The hexer returns with an even wider arsenal of status ailments to inflict on enemies, making it the go-to class for crippling one?s opponent. With a whisper, the hexer can condemn the entire enemy party to be poisoned, paralyzed, blinded, asleep, cursed, or terrified. Any enemies that fear the hexer are powerless to obey its commands to freeze in place, attack their comrades, or even destroy themselves.

Force Skill: Caprice
When a hexer cannot decide which of its many curses to cast, Caprice will doom the enemy party to a cornucopia of random status ailments.

Next, the dark hunter…


The dark hunters of High Lagaard are similar to those found in Etria; they can still work with either whip or sword to focus on bindings or status ailments, respectively. The key difference comes in their ability to set potentially deadly traps: in High Lagaard, dark hunters can react to either physical or magical attacks, no matter what weapon they use.

Force Skill: Bondage
Using every binding technique at its disposal, the dark hunter will bind a single enemy?s head, arms, and legs, rendering it completely incapable of acting in battle.

And finally for this round, the war magus…


Combining the effects of the medic and landsknecht for a class useful in nearly every situation, the war magus can effectively fill two roles at once in your limited party. Though its skills are primarily healing- and support-based, its sturdy offensive capabilities allow it to pitch even if should all its TP be drained.

Force Skill: Invoke
With a passionate prayer, the war magus fully restores the entire party?s HP and strengthens everyone?s elemental resistances.

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