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Etrian Odyssey II character profiles, part three

By Heath | June 4, 2008 at 7:39 pm

The medic, the troubadour, and the protector, in that order, are presented here. Medic:

These healing specialists have a few new tricks up their sleeves, including a skill that heals the entire party?s full HP, and the ability to sacrifice their own lives to resurrect and fully heal the rest of the party. They can also remove the entire party?s bindings or status ailments at a stroke, and reduce the damage taken from hazard floors through preemptive medicine.

Force Skill
: H. Touch
This formerly weak ability has received a major upgrade, allowing the medic?s healing hands to recover the entire party?s HP and status.

Troubadours have no skills that directly deal damage, but they are masters of supporting their fellow warriors. With a troubadour?s songs, any attack can gain elemental properties, any enemy?s status boosts can be nullified, and any deficiencies in the party?s makeup can be smoothed over. In addition, the troubadour?s music has charms to soothe the savage beast?or to rile it! Their voices can draw FOEs to a given position, or lull them to sleep entirely.

Force Skill: Crusade
This stirring battle hymn increases the entire party?s attack power, defensive strength, and maximum HP.

The protector?s role is better-defined when fighting in High Lagaard. New skills allow more versatility when choosing who to defend: the front or back line, the entire party, or a single member. The protector is now the only class that can raise the entire party?s defense, whether from physical damage or elemental attacks.

Force Skill: Painless
Granting the entire party the ultimate defense, the protector completely blocks all forms of damage for a single turn.

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